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About Old School Kenpo Karate

     In 1957, Kenpo founder, Ed Parker, wrote the following creed:


     “I come to you with only Karate, empty hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles, or my honor; should it be a matter of life and death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons: Karate, my empty hands.”


     It is in the spirit of Mr. Parker’s emotional expression of his creed that Old School Kenpo Karate was formed by Bill Hayes, Jennifer Thomas, and Tony Glorioso.


     Everything that surrounds the martial art of Kenpo points to the true understanding that our system is not simply a sport, an exercise, or even just an effective method of self-defense; it is a way of life.


     Kenpo goes well beyond the physical. It permeates all that we do—the way in which we lead our day-to-day lives.


     As time and martial arts have evolved into the 21stCentury, there has been a pronounced “watering down” and softening of martial arts training. But Old School Kenpo Karate understands that there is a “real world” out there; a world that is sometimes very unkind. Training in the Kenpo system is always based in real-world situations.


     Once, during a challenge by a practitioner of another martial art, Ed Parker told his would-be opponent that if he would choose the time, Parker would choose the place.


     The opponent agreed and picked a time.


     Parker chose the place: a phone booth.


     Kenpo is based in reality and practicality, not fantasy and the cartoon-glamour of movies.


     Welcome to the real world. Welcome to...


Old School Kenpo Karate.






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