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Anthony Glorioso

Head instructor and 4th degree black belt




Old School is proud and honored to offer the knowledgeable and devoted teaching of Mr. Glorioso to its students. Tony brings not only his wealth of experience, but his high positive energy to every lesson and to every student.

Tony's physical training has been a lifelong endeavor: he has been active in wrestling, grappling, Wing Chun, and weight training.

Eleven years ago, Tony was introduced to Kenpo Karate. Training intensely under John Barnett, Tony worked his way through the system in record time. When he received his Black Belt in 1997--after just one year in the system--he was awarded "Student of the Year" by Grand Masters Chuck Sullivan and Vic Le Roux.

"It was a great honor to receive my Black Belt, as well as to be chosen 'Student of the Year' through the IKCA," says Mr. Glorioso. "[My instructor's] dedication to the art has inspired me to continue on...to be able to pass on what I have learned."

After receiving his Black Belt, Tony immediately began teaching. After one more year in the system, he earned the status of a fully certified instructor. He has now been teaching for over ten years and has attained the rank of Fourth Degree Black Belt.

Tony's personal teaching goal and philosophy is to make "leaders out of students."

Says Jennifer Thomas-Hollenbeck, who attained her black belt last year at John Barnett's studio under Tony's tutelage: "Tony has helped me achieve a lifelong dream, through his belief in me and his personal devotion to me and to the art. I am now blessed to be teaching my own students and running my own school. Tony is truly an inspiration."



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