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Bill Hayes

Co-founder, Instructor

2nd Degree Black Belt




   My martial arts career began in 1974 when I had the honor of training in the Shotokan system with the legendary Don DePree. In 1979, however, I began to feel that I needed more versatility than the Japanese style had to offer. I entered into a quest...a crusade to find an art that offered the widest scope of movement...the most comprehensive focus on the "what ifs" of street combat.


    I sat through training sessions in virtually all of the major styles...from Tae Kwon Do to Hapkido to Tang Soo Do...I even observed other Japanese styles beyond Shotokan...I looked into several of the "soft style" Chinese arts...then I discovered the Kenpo studio of Robert Perry in Garden Grove, California. Mr. Perry was one of Ed Parker's original students. He is mentioned in Mr. Parker's book, "Infinite Insights Into Kenpo: Vol. 1." After one private intro lesson with Mr. Perry I knew I had found a home.


    On April 19th, 1984 I was awarded the rank of Black Belt by Mr. Perry.


    Since Mr. Perry's retirement from teaching and his subsequent untimely death I have been privileged to train with Kenpoists like Bill Neff, Dr. Jerry Erickson,  John Barnett and John Sepulveda.







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