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Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas

Co-founder, Instructor

1st Degree Black Belt



While relatively new to the martial arts, I have always been an athlete. Trained as a competitive gymnast since the age of six, I have also taught and performed on cheerleading squads and dance teams since a young age.

It wasn't until the age of 35, however, that I finally found my true passion.

Entering John Barnett's KICKS Kenpo studio, I thought Karate might provide a good athletic workout. Plus, I had always wanted to try martial arts--it was on that long list of "Things to to Do Before I Die." Within a few months, I was hooked.

Over the next two years, I trained vigorously in group classes and under the personal tutelage of Tony Glorioso. Through this intense training, I was able to achieve more than I ever imagined possible, at an astonishing pace. I received my Black Belt in October of 2005, an achievement that I consider the greatest and most meaningful of my entire life.

For me, the main challenge of Kenpo has been not physical, but mental. Pursuing Kenpo has helped me transform my life--to become more effective and fearless in every area. I am now driven to pass this gift on to others, to empower women and men physically, mentally, and spiritually. By helping launch Old School Kenpo, I am on my way to that dream.






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