Old School Kenpo is proud to offer two great Women’s Self-Defense programs:

Get your feet wet with our signature 6-week curriculum.
It’s six hours that could save your life!

Basic Yet Brutal: Women’s Self-Defense Course
One day seminars and six week courses available, call for dates and times!
Cost: $95

Ensure your safety and survival by learning just a few simple concepts! Our comprehensive curriculum includes counterattacks for chokes, grabs, tackles, and much more.
Have fun and come away with powerful yet
easy-to-use tools you will retain forever.

Class Size Limited. Sign Up Now!

We welcome women of all ages, sizes,
and abilities. No experience required!

For women interested in delving a little deeper—and also getting a dose of weekly exercise—we now offer a great weekly women’s course.
You can develop your skills and learn everything you need to know,
all within a non-competitive, comfortable environment:

This practical, hands-on, and FUN class
expands on our signature “Basic yet Brutal” philosophy,
and teaches you how to best utilize it.
You’ll learn escapes and defense maneuvers
for all sorts of attacks, including grabs, chokes, ground attacks,
weapons, and more!

What if I’ve never taken any self-defense in my life?
Come on down! You can start off with the 6-week course,
or just dive in, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know
through our weekly lessons.

What if I’ve already taken your introductory Basic Yet Brutal course?
The weekly class is the perfect way to retain your knowledge and expand your skill through refinement and practice. We will also introduce a lot of new material. Right from the first day you will improve your technique and increase your sense of empowerment!
Will I be learning martial arts? Will I have to wear the traditional uniform?
Yes and no. While our philosophies and techniques have been derived from our martial arts knowledge, both of these courses have been specifically constructed for the everyday woman, to protect herself in street-level situations.
Workouts take place in normal workout clothes, including comfortable athletic shoes.

What else do I need to know?
Both courses are taught by instructors Jennifer Thomas and Bill Hayes, a team with combined experience of over 35 years. We provide personal attention to each student and are always happy to address any questions or self-defense scenarios.
How do I sign up?
It’s easy!
Call us: 310.944.2936
E-mail us: info@oldschoolkenpo.com