Basic Self-Defense

Featured on NBC Sports and community cable networks, Old School’s acclaimed Basic Yet Brutal self-defense course has already empowered hundreds of men and women.

This streetwise training is NOT martial arts!


Our streamlined core training system provides you with:

  • Key concepts that are easy to remember.
  • The mental foundation to protect yourself.
  • The physical basics of effective self-defense.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of realistic scenarios, including grabs, chokes, tackles, weapons, ground attacks, defending others, and fending off multiple attackers. With no strength or athletic ability required!

Although the class addresses a serious topic, the instructors make it fun and engaging for the participants!


To maximize access to our life-saving teachings, we offer the course in multiple formats:

  • A full-day hands-on crash course.
  • A private seminar catered to your group’s needs.
  • A shortened presentation at your business or organization.

Each type of training can be held in our studio in Torrance or at an offsite location convenient to your group.Visit our Basic Yet Brutal Website for more details
or to register for an upcoming crash course!

“This class was so helpful! As an upcoming college freshman, I was so scared to be living on my own. Now I feel empowered and know that I can do something to protect myself. Thank you so much!”

—Graduating High School Senior