Belt Promotions


With each belt-level promotion, a student receives the following:

  • Belt, representing the new rank.
  • Belt Certificate, suitable for framing.
  • Personalized DVD that includes:
    • Complete Test, so students can benefit by seeing themselves in action, and share with friends and family.
    • Belt Ceremony.
  • Personalized Feedback, provided in writing and reviewed in person.

For Black Belt promotions, the student also receives:

  • Laminated Card, certifying their rank.
  • Prominent Display on studio wall of their framed Belt Certificate.
  • Inclusion on Old School Kenpo Legacy Roster, whose record is maintained in perpetuity.


Due to the significant individualized attention devoted to a student during the testing and promotion process, a modest test fee is applied to cover:

  • All administered Pretests.
  • The Official Test.
  • Instructor Grading.
  • All Promotion Rewards.

Please Contact Us for current rates.