Test Procedures

We at Old School Kenpo are committed to each student’s individual progress and training. Therefore, we do not perform any group testing. All tests are governed by our Testing Principles and are administered on an individual basis.

Our testing process is divided into four phases:

Phase 1: Pretesting

In order to set up our students for success, pretests are administered to determine what specific skills a student must improve in order to pass their next test. For upper-belt tests, multiple pretests may be required. Pretests may take place in class or during an individually scheduled session; they may or may not be filmed to aid with the assessment process.

Phase 2: Taking the Test

Each test is conducted in a private session, according to a prescribed content and format the student is fully familiar with. Depending on the belt level, multiple instructors may be present, as well as one or more classmates to act as opponents (affectionately referred to as “dummies”) upon which the student will demonstrate techniques. The entire performance is filmed.

Phase 3: Grading & Feedback

The head instructors grade the test by reviewing the footage and taking detailed notes about each technique, outlining what future training should focus on to reach the next level.

The instructors’ feedback, including specific directions for further improvement, is presented in document-form for training reference, and the test results are reviewed with the student in a one-on-one session during class time.

Phase 4: Promotion Ceremony

Since students are tested only when determined ready by the head instructors, they are likely to succeed. Upon passing their test, a student is promoted in a traditional ceremony, held at the studio at the beginning or end of a regular class. The ceremony is filmed and family and friends are encouraged to attend.

After a major upper-belt promotion, a celebration at a nearby venue often follows.

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